Why Safebridge

Mortgage Centered Financial Planning… where rates are just the beginning©

At SAFEBRIDGE we believe true value just isn’t only in the product, but also in the knowledge, experience, and execution of the plan. The end result leads to the selection of the ideal solution for your mortgage and financial needs.

A mortgage is the center piece of ones financial portfolio. By reviewing your short and long term financial goals, you can position your mortgage with your investments to help build your wealth and net worth quicker.

Which sounds better to you, a mortgage, or a Mortgage Centered Financial Plan? …minimizing your total interest and building wealth at the same time.

Did you know on a $300,000.00 mortgage amortized over 25yrs and paying an average of 4.5% interest, you will have paid $200,000.00 in interest!

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  • Grow your wealth: We offer insurance and financial investments, and tie it into your financial portfolio with your mortgage as the center piece to help you meet your long and short term goals. We call it: Mortgage Centered Financial Planning ©
  • Market Monitoring: we constantly monitor the market so that if an opportunity arises for our clients to save money we proactively notify them and discuss their options.
  • Consultation: We have a team of professionals that are constantly coming up with creative methods for people to pay down their mortgage faster, increase net worth and pay less interest.
  • Convenience: Need an answer? Call or email us days, evenings or weekends.
  • Tax Planning: Want to learn how to properly write of your mortgage interest? We can help you with that too.
  • Monthly Market Update: monthly news letters with wealth building investment and mortgage strategies.

Some of the key benefits of choosing SAFEBRIDGE are:

  • No Fees – Although we work for you, we get paid by the lender
  • We shop for you to get you the best deal, saving you time and stress
  • Over 10 years of specific industry experience have helped us create key industry relationships that allow us to negotiate some of the best mortgage rates in the country.
  • Fast & easy approval process (24 hour turn around)
  • You can get approved online, over the phone or in person. It’s your choice
  • 120 day rate guarantee
  • Through us you have access to over 30 of the most trusted lending institutions in Canada.
  • We do not work for the banks and thus are in no way biased to any specific lender.
  • We have created a Mortgage Tracking System to alert you of possible refinance saving opportunities that may arise during the term of your mortgage.
  • We offer you a one-stop shop. When you work with SAFEBRIDGE, you have your own personal financial team that can take care of your mortgage, insurance, and investment needs.

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