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Why SafeBridge
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SafeBridge Financial is one of Canada’s leading Mortgage companies specializing in superior service, competitive rates and helping clients find the right mortgage products to suit their individual needs.

Why SafeBridgeWe find you the right mortgage solution

At SAFEBRIDGE we believe true value just isn’t only in the product, but also in the knowledge, experience, and execution of the plan. The end result leads to the selection of the ideal solution for your mortgage and financial needs.

A mortgage is the center piece of ones financial portfolio. By reviewing your short and long term financial goals, you can position your mortgage with your investments to help build your wealth and net worth quicker

With over 20+ years in the mortgage industry, SafeBridge has a reputation for excellent client care. Whether you are a first time home buyer, real estate investor or building your dream home we have a mortgage product that will work for you.

Why SafeBridgeGrow your wealth

We offer insurance and financial investments, and tie it into your financial portfolio with your mortgage as the center piece to help you meet your long and short term goals. We call it: Mortgage Centered Financial Planning ©

Why SafeBridgeMarket Monitoring

We constantly monitor the market so that if an opportunity arises for our clients to save money we proactively notify them and discuss their options.

Why SafeBridgeConsultation

We have a team of professionals that are constantly coming up with creative methods for people to pay down their mortgage faster, increase net worth and pay less interest.

Why SafeBridgeTax Planning

Want to learn how to properly write off your mortgage interest? We can help you with that too.

Why SafeBridgeMonthly Market Update

Monthly newsletters with wealth building investment and mortgage strategies.

Why SafeBridgeConvenience

Need an answer? We are available 24/7 to answer any pressing mortgage question.

Easy Mortgage Application

It doesn’t cost you anything to use our services as your mortgage broker. All you need to do is spend a bit of time completing the application and we’ll start looking into your home mortgage options. We work with only the best lenders for every scenario.

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    Mortgage Solutions
    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process

    Home Mortgage Solutions - SafeBridge Financial Group

    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process
    Step 1:

    We help you shop with confidence. We individually review our mortgage pre-approvals to ensure that the numbers will hold up. Lock in your rate today and protect yourself against future rate increases for as long as 120 days.

    Mortgage Pre-Approvals Process - SafeBridge Financial Group

    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process
    Step 2:
    Mortgage Broker Consultation

    Consultation: One of our experienced Mortgage Consultants contacts you within 24 business hours to ensure the perfect solution for your specific situation. We tailor our advice to your finances and your expectations.

    Mortgage Broker Consultation

    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process
    Step 3:
    Documentation Organization

    We go through your documentation and define exactly what we need to get you approved in as quickly as four business hours. We do the research on your behalf, and take all the questions out of the process. We also offer our clients document uploading software to ensure all private financial documents are secure.

    Mortgage Documentation Organization – SafeBridge Financial Group

    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process
    Step 4:
    Selecting Your Mortgage Solution

    With a mortgage solution in place that works for you, the fun starts. Money is advanced and your mortgage closes on the scheduled date. Everyone is happy.

    Expert Mortgage Solutions – SafeBridge Financial Group

    SafeBridge’s Mortgage Process
    Step 5:
    Monitoring the
    Mortgage Market

    We add you to our monthly mortgage market update newsletter to help you stay on top of the latest news in wealth building investment and mortgage strategies. You can also use our mortgage tracking program to get personalized information and news on your particular mortgage.

    Mortgage Marketing Monitoring - SafeBridge Financial Group

    What We Do Best

    Residential Mortgages - SafeBridge Financial Group

    Residential Mortgages

    Finding the right mortgage solution is not just about the lowest interest rate. It is also about selecting the right product for your needs. At SafeBridge, we will help you sort through the mortgage products of over 60 mortgage lenders, until we find the perfect solution that fits your financial goals.

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    Commercial Mortgage Agents - SafeBridge Financial Group

    Commercial Mortgages

    Our team of commercial mortgage agents specialize in specific commercial products and have access to a number of customized products tailored to each client.

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    Professional Insurance & Investments Agents - SafeBridge Financial Group

    Insurance & Investments

    We recognize that your financial and insurance needs change over time, and it is important that your plan changes and grows with these needs. SAFEBRIDGE follows a six-step process that enables us to work with you to find a solution to your insurance needs today, and that also allows for flexibility as your needs change.

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    Our Relationships
    SafeBridge Financial Group is a full-service financial service agency with the Training, Network, and Experience to ensure tailored service to each and every client.

    Double Quotes

    Over the last 20 years we’ve been successful in attracting over 60 various lenders that our clients can benefit from. SafeBridge has evolved over the years and has become a very successful company…. The education, that comes along with not just the mortgage agent side of things, but also on the insurance and the investments and the financial planning all comes together in one holistic approach.


    Double Quotes

    For several years Andre has worked in the Financial Planning and Mortgage Solutions field with Scotiabank. After experiencing success, and gaining a wide knowledge base in the banking world, he decided to leave the bank to join a Boutique Mortgage Brokerage, Safebridge Financial Group.  Andre made the change so that he could offer clients a wider variety of mortgage options and lenders.

    Andre Persaud,

    Mortgage Agent

    SafeBridge Brokers & Advisors

    Meet the Team

    At SafeBridge we believe in experiencing growth together. We want to ensure that each of our agents is successful and feels a part of the SafeBridge team. We offer customized training, lender previews, team events and even team trips to build the strong culture of inclusion and support that so many of our agents enjoy.

    We believe it is essential to hire and Partner with the right people. We are looking for the best and brightest in the Industry to join our Exclusive Group of Professionals. Our team consists of loyal top producing Agents that have demonstrated exceptional care for their clients and passion for the industry in which they serve. Our Mortgage Centered Financial Planning approach helps our team foster long lasting relationships, which brings a unique process to the mortgage business.

    SafeBridge Partners
    Trusted by the
    Biggest Names in Insurance

    SafeBridge understands your life insurance needs and will recommend the right product for you. We don’t just look at insurance, like insurance. We look at insurance as a wealth-building tool and a way to pass on generational wealth by working with the best insurers.

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    SafeBridge Partners
    Trusted by the
    Biggest Names in Mortgages

    With over 20+ years in the Mortgage Industry, SafeBridge has built a solid reputation in the industry and is well respected by all major lending partners. SafeBridge has partnerships with over 10 insurance providers in Canada and has access to hundreds of mortgage products.

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