Mortgage Centered Financial Plan

Mortgage Centered Financial Planning is a proprietary process developed by our professional team at SafeBridge Financial Group. For most Canadians, selecting a mortgage is the most substantial financial decision they will ever make. Mortgage Centered Financial Planning views your mortgage as the core of your overall financial plan. This strategy integrates your mortgage with your investments and insurance, to obtain your financial goals and build a secure financial foundation for a prosperous future. For over a decade we have successfully helped our clients define their goals and enhance their financial portfolio.

Thank you for your Information. Please provide the following information so we can offer the best solution for you

    Your Current Mortgage Situation

    Are you a first time home buyer?

    Do you know the difference between a fixed and variable mortgage?

    Is the interest you pay on your mortgage tax deductible?

    Do you currently own Mortgage insurance on your existing mortgage?

    How long do you plan on living in your current home?

    What is your current rent or mortgage payment per month?

    What Mortgage Payment do you feel comfortable making per month?

    Please rank your top five mortgage objectives in order of importance; 1
    being most important and 5 being the least important.

    1st mortgage objective

    2nd mortgage objective

    3rd mortgage objective

    4th mortgage objective

    5th mortgage objective

    Your Professional Advisory Team


    Financial Advisor

    Mortgage Agent

    Real Estate Agent

    Lawyer (Tax/ Estate)

    Your Financial Experience

    Have you reviewed your personal financial plan recently?

    Have you reviewed your Life Insurance in the last two years?

    Do you own personal Disability or Critical Illness Insurance?

    Are you aware of the tax benefits within a Tax Free savings account?

    Do you save 10% of your income towards your retirement goal?

    Financial Goals and Objectives

    Of your current monthly cash flow: How much is available to use towards
    your financial goals:

    What percentage of your current income do you foresee requiring in

    What financial obligations or changes do you foresee in the next 3

    Your ideal but realistic retirement age is:

    When it comes to making investment decisions…

    How would you describe your financial philosophy?

    Your household income stream is:

    In priority sequence, select 3 to 5 of the following financial goals which
    you consider to be essential:
    1st financial goal

    2nd financial goal

    3rd financial goal

    4th financial goal

    5th financial goal

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