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Safebridge Financial & Mortgage Services
In 2005, SAFEBRIDGE was co-founded as a Financial Consulting Company. Bringing years of professional experience from organizations such as CIBC World Markets, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, The Mortgage Centre and Clarica, we have since grown the company into a successful and respected industry leader.

We distinguish ourselves in the industry as providing top of the line, holistic and personalized financial advice by providing our clients with a comprehensive strategy to realize their mortgage, insurance and investment needs, as one. Based on the fact that, in most cases, a mortgage is at the core of one’s financial plan, we developed unique strategies which allow your insurance and investments to transform your mortgage from a debt burden to a financial growth opportunity. We have branded these techniques as SAFEBRIDGE’s very own Mortgage Centered Financial Planning. We are proud to say that by implementing these strategies, we have watched our clients realize significant, transformational financial growth.

At SAFEBRIDGE we believe that true value isn’t only in the product, but also in the knowledge, experience, and execution of your plan. With access to over 30 lenders and financial partners, and the lowest rates in the country, we are proud to offer our clients the most cost effective and suitable financial solutions Canada has to offer.

About Us

Success is said to be relative, but we believe that success is measurable and quantifiable. Below are a few key areas where we as a company actively measure our success on an annual basis.

  • Over 40% growth year over year in total mortgage volume, new Agent hires and revenue
  • Have reached Top Tier Status with ten national Lending partners across the country
  • Nominated for Best Community Service for a Mortgage Broker at the 2013 CMA’s
  • Nominated for Best Branding for a Mortgage Broker at the 2014 CMA’s
  • Winner of the Employer of Choice award at the 2015 CMA’s
  • Regular media coverage in CMP Magazine, The Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Investment Executive

Our Strengths

SAFEBRIDGE Financial Group was founded in 2005, but its origins reach back many years. The co-founders, Chris Karram and Elisseos Iriotakis, have gained years of valuable experience at organizations such as CIBC World Markets, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, The Mortgage Centre, and Clarica.

We provide a one-stop-shop focused on the specific needs of our clients. Clients of SAFEBRIDGE Financial have access to mortgage, insurance, and investment services, which are all facilitated and serviced under the same roof.

Our Promise

Our promise to our clients is based on the following principles

  1. Professionalism: We constantly seek to expand our knowledge and expertise in our chosen fields. We provide unbiased, client-centered solutions and we treat all of our clients and colleagues as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  2. Partnership: We focus on building life-long partnerships with our clients and helping them accomplish their lifetime financial goals.
  3. Practice: We practice what we preach which means that we make every recommendation as if it were for our own family or business.

Mortgage Centered Financial Planning

For most Canadians, buying or selling a home is the largest financial decision they will ever make. Yet more often than not, that decision is made isolated from the rest of that individual’s financial portfolio.

At SAFEBRIDGE, we believe that any mortgage based decision should take into account the rest of that person’s financial situation. As a result, we have created a unique and proprietary process that we call “Mortgage Centered Financial Planning”. This process simply means that we don’t just look at your mortgage and help you find the best rate the market has to offer, but rather we choose to take a consultative approach that allows our Team to effectively understand your situation as a whole and thus expose other areas of your current financial situation that may in fact provide an opportunity to enhance your financial reality and help you achieve your goals in a more timely and effective manner.

Each client is different and unique and we understand that. That’s what makes this process so beneficial as the end result is a better relationship between you and your Mortgage Agent, based on a comprehensive understanding of who you are and how we as a firm can help you achieve all the goals you have for you and your family.

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