High Net Worth Insurance Working Model - SafeBridge Financial Group

How High Net Worth Insurance Works

High Net Worth Insurance Working Model - SafeBridge Financial Group

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How SafeBridge Can Help

In addition to pursuing individual goals, we also work to provide value on a holistic level, so that the opportunities we identify will work in tandem with your other wealth strategies, and align with broader priorities for risk management, growth and preservation over the long term.

This entails coordinating with your network of financial professionals, as well as leveraging our own, in order to create value on a holistic level. Our high net worth Insurance solutions are customized to ensure your unique objectives are met with the goal of wealth preservation and growth.

Our Process: 

Through our 6-person in-house team and our family office network, we also work in tandem with your existing advisory relationships in order to curate, design and manage custom financial strategies. The result is a highly unique client experience.

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    Why High Net Worth Insurance is Important

    Our goal is to support your long term financial vision.

    When you have specific objectives for a segment of your wealth, what’s needed is the expertise to curate and design highly customized strategies that go far beyond the typical off-the-shelf products. However, it’s also essential to have a process to understand the role these strategies will play within the overall context of your net worth.

    Your Choice of High Net Worth Insurance Broker

    At  SafeBridge our Private Wealth division has helped hundreds of high net worth families build specific and strategic plans to optimize your financial goals. Our access to the top Life Insurance companies sets us apart.  With over 20+ years in the Life Insurance space,  our team of licensed Life Insurance professionals is qualified to help you find the best High Net Worth Insurance solution that matches your financial goals. 

    Each individual client is unique and we pride ourselves in customized solutions that solve your unique challenges with regards to High Net Worth Life Insurance Solutions. 

    When you work with SafeBridge Private Wealth, our team of professionals take the time to understand your situation and come up with the perfect insurance solution.  It is always in your best interest to work with a company that will not only help you get the right Life Insurance, but also ensure it is structured properly to help achieve your financial goals.

    Step 1: Defining Parameters

    We sit down with you to understand not only your investment objectives, but also your whole financial picture and long-term vision. This will enable us to define goals and parameters that meet your immediate needs and fit within the broader context of your net worth.

    Step 2: Managing a Network

    Our first meeting will also help us create a strategy and communication plan for your financial service providers. We coordinate with your existing trusted advisors, and incorporate members of our own network as needed, in order to help ensure that the strategies we design are in sync with those already at work.

    Step 3: Curating and Due Diligence

    We begin identifying financial opportunities and designing creative strategies that fall within your personal parameters. We perform a due diligence process before presenting our recommendations to you.

    Step 4: Creative Design

    In order to customize your financial solutions to your needs, we design unique strategies and identify creative ways to apply them to your financial picture. This includes investment, insurance and lending strategies designed to help build, protect and multiply your wealth.

    Step 5: Opportunity Outlook

    We implement and manage your custom strategies. We continuously seek out new opportunities and provide ongoing stewardship as you work toward your goals for your wealth, estate and legacy.

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    Double Quotes

    Over the last 20 years we’ve been successful in attracting over 60 various lenders that our clients can benefit from. SafeBridge has evolved over the years and has become a very successful company…. The education, that comes along with not just the mortgage agent side of things, but also on the insurance and the investments and the financial planning all comes together in one holistic approach.


    Double Quotes

    For several years Andre has worked in the Financial Planning and Mortgage Solutions field with Scotiabank. After experiencing success, and gaining a wide knowledge base in the banking world, he decided to leave the bank to join a Boutique Mortgage Brokerage, Safebridge Financial Group.  Andre made the change so that he could offer clients a wider variety of mortgage options and lenders.

    Andre Persaud,

    Mortgage Agent

    SafeBridge Brokers & Advisors

    Meet the Team

    At SafeBridge we believe in experiencing growth together. We want to ensure that each of our agents is successful and feels a part of the SafeBridge team. We offer customized training, lender previews, team events and even team trips to build the strong culture of inclusion and support that so many of our agents enjoy.

    We believe it is essential to hire and Partner with the right people. We are looking for the best and brightest in the Industry to join our Exclusive Group of Professionals. Our team consists of loyal top producing Agents that have demonstrated exceptional care for their clients and passion for the industry in which they serve. Our Mortgage Centered Financial Planning approach helps our team foster long lasting relationships, which brings a unique process to the mortgage business.

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    SafeBridge understands your life insurance needs and will recommend the right product for you. We don’t just look at insurance, like insurance. We look at insurance as a wealth-building tool and a way to pass on generational wealth by working with the best insurers.

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