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How Does an Investment Property Mortgage Work?

Getting funding for an investment property is very similar to getting a mortgage for your primary residence as you need to provide certain financial documentation to show that you can cover the mortgage payments, property taxes and maintenance. In addition,  lenders want to ensure that you have the financial resources to cover the mortgage in the event that your tenant cannot pay rent or leaves unexpectedly. It is important to work with a professional mortgage agent who can  help you understand the differences between various investment properties and the steps to secure a mortgage.

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    Is an Investment Property Mortgage Right For You?

    There are 3 main types of investment properties: 

    1. Single -unit residential property 
    2. Multi-unit residential property 
    3. Commercial real estate 

    In this section we will focus primarily on Single Unit residential and multi-unit residential. For more information on Commercial mortgages click here

    When it comes to single-unit  investment properties, there are three different types of properties. Single family homes, Condominiums and townhouses and multi-unit residential buildings. 

    Single Family Homes:

    Single family homes typically are constructed on a single lot with no shared walls. They often have a front and back yard and typically have more square footage than a condo or townhouse. The owner is responsible for all the maintenance costs which is important to keep in mind when you are creating your cash flow and budgeting planning documents. These investment properties often attract longer term financially stable renters and typically have a higher resale value as compared to a condo or townhouse.

    Condo Unit:

    Having a condo as an investment property is typically a single unit within a larger building or community and often there are shared walls with other units. Condos may include additional amenities such as a pool, gym, club room. One big difference between a condo and a single family home is that condos typically have a condo fees  also called maintenance. These are monthly fees in addition to your monthly mortgage payment and they go towards covering property maintenance outside your unit. Condos are usually easier to maintain than a single family unit but tend to increase in value at a slower pace.


    A townhouse investment property is usually a hybrid of a single family home and a condo. Many townhouses have multiple-floor layouts and usually share walls with other units and often only have a terrane or patio as opposed to a front and back yard in a single family unit.  Townhouses are generally larger than a condo but smaller than a single family home and are ideal for renting out to students who can accommodate less space. They tend to be more affordable but less private than a single-family home. Each townhouse development is different but most have maintenance costs similar to condos to cover outside maintenance etc .

    Multi-Unit Residential Property:

    A multi- residential property is typically 2-6 units in one building purchased by one owner. The cost of a multi-residential property is usually significantly higher than  a single- unit property and as such it is important that you work with a SafeBRidge mortgage agent to help you set up the proper financing. As an owner, you may live in one of the units and rent the remaining units out or you may rent all the units out. Multi-unit residential properties typically have the best potential to generate positive cash flow and are a good buy and hold option. 

    It is also important to note that your investment property mortgage financing will be specific to the type of unit you are purchasing. Most lenders have one set of financing criteria for 1-4 units and a different set of criteria for 4+ units. As always it is important to speak with a SafeBridge mortgage agent who can help you determine which lender would be the best fit for your specific investment property.

    Is an Investment Property Mortgage Right For You?

    • In the past 5 years, the number of people owning investment properties has doubled. As housing prices have continued to rise, many people have decided to refinance their primary home and pull out some equity to use for an investment property. 

    Newly married, Ashley & Drake wanted to refinance their family home to start buying investment properties.  Ashley had a penchant for design and Drake was a full time Software Engineer who loved doing small reno projects so they were a perfect match. Ashley and Drake came to SafeBridge to get financing for their  first investment property after they had talked to their bank and didn’t get answers, so they knew it was time to speak with the mortgage professionals at SafeBridget to get a second opinion.  They needed to find a lender who would work with their situation while still offering a great mortgage product. After meeting with a SafeBridge mortgage agent they were able to sort out what financing was needed and were able to secure a fantastic mortgage at a terrific interest rate. See the calculation breakdown below.

    Ashley & Drake wanted to explore what the refinance mortgage amount would be to offset the rental income.

    The potential rental income for their existing condo 150 Peter St. is $2800 – $3000 / month.  Let’s use the conservative figure of $2,800.  

    Using these variables:

    Monthly rent:  $2,800 / month

    Less property tax:  $300 / month

    Less condo fees:  $750 / month

    Equals $1,750

    What is the refinance mortgage amount based on interest rate of 2.00% (for illustration purposes only), 30 year amortization, with a payment of $1,750 / month?  The mortgage amount is $470,000, less your existing mortgage $310,000, you would have $160,000 available for down payment.

    For 89 Price St., we are using these variables:

    Rental income:  $1950 / month

    less property tax:  $240 / month

    Less condo fees:  $513 / month

    Equals $1207

    What is the refinance mortgage amount based on interest rate of 2.00% (for illustration purposes only), 30 year amortization, with a payment of $1,207 / month?  The mortgage amount is $325,000, less your existing mortgage $50,000, you would have $275,000 available for down payment.

    From the refinance of the 2 properties, you will have $435,000 for down payment and closing costs.  

    With a gross income of $162,000, how much mortgage can you qualify for, to purchase a new primary residence, and keep the existing rental properties?  With your gross income and these variables on the new property:

    Property tax:  $540 / month

    Heating:  $125 / month

    Car Lease:  $513 / month

    You would pre-qualify for a mortgage up to $750,000, plus down payment of $400,000, your new purchase price is $1,150,000.  As per above, $435,000 was from the refinance, and we set aside $35,000 for closing costs, ie. land transfer tax, legal fees, moving costs, other disbursements.  

    *** Calculations are for illustration purposes only, please speak with a SafeBridge mortgage agent regarding your exact scenario.

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    The Benefits of an Investment Property Mortgage

    • Owning an investment property is an excellent way to grow your wealth through real estate, but understanding how to finance an investment property is the key to success. At SafeBridge, we have helped thousands of clients finance their investment properties and create passive income through rental properties. 
    • Investment properties can take a lot of work so it is important that you take a number of key thoughts into consideration: 
    1. Make sure you thoroughly research the properties you are interested in buying and understand the specific rental market in each location 
    2. Be prepared to come up with a minimum 20% down payment and have extra money set aside for closing costs. 
    3. Calculate your estimated monthly cash flow (rental income-property expenses 
    4. Think long term, and be prepared to buy and hold. 

    Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait” ( T. Harv Eker) 

    Owning Investment Properties is one of the best ways to build long term and generational wealth. When you do your research and buy in a smart location you have the potential to benefit from the property appreciation over time and continue to access the equity for capital in other investment properties. 

    Speak with a SafeBridge Mortgage agent today to see how you can finance your next investment property.

    Why SafeBridge is the Safest Choice

    At SafeBridge our access to over 63 different lenders sets us apart. With over 20+ years in the mortgage lending space our team of mortgage professionals is qualified to help you find investment property  financing that suits your needs. 

    No two investment properties are alike and we pride ourselves in customized solutions that solve your unique challenges with regards to investment property financing. 

    When you work with SafeBridge, our team of professionals take the time to understand your situation and come up with the perfect financing solution.  It is always in your best interest to work with a company that will not only help you secure financing but also keep in mind your holistic financial goals and make sure they are all in alignment. As a company we help thousands of clients each year find the perfect financing solution to fit their needs. When it comes to investment property mortgages our team of exceptional  mortgage brokers will assist you with finding the perfect  mortgage and financing terms.

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    Is every investment property mortgage the same?

    No. Each investment property requires its own specific financing solution. Similar to a residential mortgage you will be required to provide key financial documents to get financing. In addition, lenders have different lending criteria for the first 1-4 investment properties  versus 4+ . IT is best to speak with SafeBridge agent to see what financing you qualify for.

    How many investment properties can I own?

    You can own as many investment properties as you can afford but keep in mind you may want to structure it based upon your overall investment property strategy.

    Will I get the same interest rate on my investment property mortgage that I would get on my primary residence?

    No, typically interest rates for investment properties are slightly higher than the posted rates available on a traditional residential mortgage. 

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