Manulife Bank of Canada

Established in 1993, Manulife Bank of Canada (Manulife Bank) was the first federally regulated bank opened by an insurance company in Canada. It is a Schedule l federally chartered bank and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial, one of Canada’s leading financial institutions.

Today, Manulife Bank serves clients across Canada in all provinces and territories. With a high-quality loan portfolio, the majority of loans being in residential mortgages, Manulife Bank is a profitable and well-capitalized organization.

Manulife Trust Company (Manulife Trust) is a federally chartered trust company licensed to do business in all Canadian provinces and territories. Established in 2010, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Bank. Like its parent company, Manuilfe Bank, Manulife Trust is a member of CDIC.

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