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hometrustHome Trust is one of Canada’s leading mortgage lenders offering an alternative to the major banks. Whether it’s helping you to buy your first home, consolidate higher-interest loans and credit cards to save money, or renovate your dream house, we’ve got the flexible alternative solutions to help you meet your goals.

We also understand that each customer is unique, and we pride ourselves on providing a personalized, hassle-free experience. We offer flexible income verification, and every application is reviewed by a person, not a computer.

Most of our customers usually fall into one of a few groups

  • Small business owners who cannot prove enough income to qualify
    with a major bank;
  • New immigrants to Canada who do not have a credit history;
  • Homeowners who have built up equity in their property but do not meet income requirements of the major banks; and
  • Canadians with former credit difficulties that have since been resolved, including discharged bankrupts.

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