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Buying a home or investment property is probably one of the biggest and most important purchases you will make in your life. To make it a smooth, successful process, you need to surround yourself with a team of people who really know what they’re doing – experts with the know-how to help you make the best decisions. Like a great realtor. A mortgage broker you can trust. And a mortgage lender that can offer you plenty of options that fit your needs, at competitive rates that save you money.

Canadiana Financial is that partner. They work closely with brokers and their buyer clients to provide excellent products that fit specific situations, from couples looking for their first home to investors seeking rental units – to owners renewing their existing mortgages and searching for a better rate.

Trust is a big part of what they do as well; reputable brokers know Canadiana is a brand they can depend on, not only for competitive products, but for the support their customers need to succeed in their buying, renewal and investment goals.

Founded in 2010, Canadiana Financial is a government-approved lender with a singular focus: helping our mortgage brokers find the right lending solutions for their residential clients. Not only do we offer our valued network of brokers the excellent products, pricing and customer service they need to serve their clients, but we support them with a business model helps them build their business, so they can, in turn, help you build your dreams.

With offices across the country, Canadiana Financial Corp. offers you everything you need to meet your goals. Friendly, helpful people, great products and unparalleled expertise offer you the mortgage that fits your needs, along with the high-touch service you expect.

Their enhanced product features include:

  • Competitive fixed rates
  • Accelerated payment frequencies
  • Flexible adjustable rates
  • Prepayment privileges of up to 20% without penalty
  • Increase payments by 20% every anniversary year

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    Double Quotes

    Over the last 20 years we’ve been successful in attracting over 60 various lenders that our clients can benefit from. SafeBridge has evolved over the years and has become a very successful company…. The education, that comes along with not just the mortgage agent side of things, but also on the insurance and the investments and the financial planning all comes together in one holistic approach.


    Double Quotes

    For several years Andre has worked in the Financial Planning and Mortgage Solutions field with Scotiabank. After experiencing success, and gaining a wide knowledge base in the banking world, he decided to leave the bank to join a Boutique Mortgage Brokerage, Safebridge Financial Group.  Andre made the change so that he could offer clients a wider variety of mortgage options and lenders.

    Andre Persaud,

    Mortgage Agent

    SafeBridge Brokers & Advisors

    Meet the Team

    At SafeBridge we believe in experiencing growth together. We want to ensure that each of our agents is successful and feels a part of the SafeBridge team. We offer customized training, lender previews, team events and even team trips to build the strong culture of inclusion and support that so many of our agents enjoy.

    We believe it is essential to hire and Partner with the right people. We are looking for the best and brightest in the Industry to join our Exclusive Group of Professionals. Our team consists of loyal top producing Agents that have demonstrated exceptional care for their clients and passion for the industry in which they serve. Our Mortgage Centered Financial Planning approach helps our team foster long lasting relationships, which brings a unique process to the mortgage business.

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    With over 20+ years in the Mortgage Industry, SafeBridge has built a solid reputation in the industry and is well respected by all major lending partners. SafeBridge has partnerships with over 10 insurance providers in Canada and has access to hundreds of mortgage products.

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