Mortgage SpecialistsAt traditional lenders, you get high mortgage rates and low mortgage knowledge. At FirstLine, we offer non-retail rates, user-friendly mortgages and the expertise that comes from being Canada’s leading mortgage-only lender.

Since you and your family are unique, a standard off-the-shelf mortgage may not provide the flexibility and convenience you need. At FirstLine, we constantly monitor housing markets, economic indicators, interest rate trends, consumer demographics and industry regulations, then we design innovative mortgages to fit your needs as closely as possible.

Instead of relying on retail lending officers who may only spend a small part of their day on mortgages, FirstLine offers mortgages through Canada’s leading independent mortgage professionals. These specialized brokers are devoted 100% to mortgages so they can offer expert advice and assistance. And because we don’t pay them a salary or benefits, they help keep our rates among the lowest in the industry.

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