How to Increase the Value of your Condo

You can never go wrong by spending a bit of time to add more value to your condo. Though it may seem challenging at first, smart upgrades to your condominium can pay off. But before you start, remember to read up on your building’s rules and bylaws and consider checking with your condo association about what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to renovations.

If you’re hesitant, remember that many condominiums are built from generic, cookie-cutter designs and floor plans. Making your unit stand out from the pack can be worth it, and easy with a few simple tips.

  1. Bathrooms bring bang for the buck. Swapping out your existing faucets and bathroom fixtures is a relatively easy job for a plumber. And there are many eye-catching upgrades, such as polished chrome faucets, that can be installed simply.
  2. Let there be light. Condos usually have a lot of light fixtures waiting to be refreshed. Stock light fixtures are often cold and mundane, so why not spice the light up with fresh additions such as up/down lights that splash a bit of lamination on your walls. For another fun twist, try dimmers in the dining room.
  3. Remember what’s underfoot. Rip out that thin, drab carpeting that was in the condo since the day you first walked in. Think about putting in hardwood flooring, which impresses a lot more than carpets. Try going for modern bamboo floors. And in kitchens and bathrooms, consider new tiles.
  4. Cook up some change in the kitchen. Take out the standard laminate countertops common to many condos and try putting in granite countertops for a visible boost to your kitchen decor. Repaint worn and chipped cabinets to make them look brand new. And think about adding pull-out drawers for a practical space boost.
  5. Paint a new look. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way, but don’t go all-out with bright colours, which can be divisive. Choose a handful of colours – the most universally appealing shades are neutrals such as off-white, mushroom or light beige – and think about how they blend into each other as someone walks from room to room.
  6. Unpop your ceiling. Many condos come with bump, uneven “popcorn” ceilings. This takes time, so consider making it your first upgrade. When repainting your ceiling, make sure to use a good primer and remember how the colours go with your walls.

Setting aside a few weekends for these relatively straightforward upgrades can make your condo much more impressive – and bump its selling price. Remember, first impressions are important, especially when prospective buyers come for a viewing.

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