Toronto Mortgage Services

For most people, obtaining a mortgage is one of the largest financial decisions they will ever make. At SAFEBRIDGE, our main goal is to help our clients properly analyze their needs and assist in determining which mortgage solution will best fit both their short and long term financial goals.

Toronto Mortgage Rates

Canadians are discovering the benefits of consulting with a mortgage professional to get the best advice and mortgage products.

Purchasing a Home

The first step any new home buyer should take before they start shopping is to determine how much of a mortgage loan they qualify for. It can be very disappointing if after you find your dream home, you discover that you don’t qualify for the mortgage.

Refinance Your Home

Mortgage refinancing is generally something that is done in order to access the equity in ones property. There are a number of reasons why you might want to refinance your existing mortgage. These are as follows:

New to Canada Mortgages

Are you new to Canada and require a Canadian mortgage to purchase your own home? Then SAFEBRIDGE is here to help.

We have helped many newcomers to Canada get approved for a Canadian mortgage.

Mortgage Tracking Program

This proprietary software tracks your existing mortgage on your principal residence or investment properties. This tracking will ensure that you are made aware of any changes in the market that could reduce your current rate, improve your cash flow, or simply provide you with more flexibility.

SAFEBRIDGE Insurance Solutions

Insurance is widely accepted as a cornerstone in any financial plan. At SAFEBRIDGE, we partner with our clients to find the most appropriate insurance solutions to fit their specific insurance needs.

Term Life Insurance Services

Coming Soon!

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is something that some know of, and some don’t. Much like Disability Insurance, this coverage is created to protect against a loss of income, but is also able to provide significant coverage for other financial needs that may arise in the time of a medical crisis…

Disability Insurance

The most commonly known and accepted form of insurance to help protect your family from a loss of income due to an inability to work is Disability Insurance...

Mortgage Insurance Program

TProtect your home, not your lender, with the SAFEBRIDGE Mortgage Insurance Program. Most lending institutions offer mortgage life insurance as part of their mortgage packaging, but look carefully before you sign on the dotted line. You could find yourself locked into insurance…

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