• Access to over 30 lenders including big banks and wholesale lenders
  • We shop for you to get you the best deal, saving you time and stress
  • Monitoring your mortgage and determining the optimal time to refinance your mortgage and save money

At SAFEBRIDGE we believe true value isn’t only in the product, but also in the knowledge, experience, and execution of the plan. Integrating your mortgage into your overall financial plan, is key in lowering your overall cost of borrowing and increasing your net worth. We like to refer to this process as Mortgage Centered Financial Planning.


Grow your wealth: We offer insurance and financial investments, and tie it into your financial portfolio with your mortgage as the center piece to help you meet your long and short term goals. We call it: Mortgage Centered Financial Planning ©

Market Monitoring: we constantly monitor the market so that if an opportunity arises for our clients to save money we proactively notify them and discuss their options.

Consultation: We have a team of professionals that are constantly coming up with creative methods for people to pay down their mortgage faster, increase net worth and pay less interest.

Tax Planning: Want to learn how to properly write off your mortgage interest? We can help you with that too.