Emily Kiparisas – Mortgage Broker & Chantal Gervais – Mortgage Agent

Emily Kiparisas – Mortgage Broker & Chantal Gervais – Mortgage Agent

Hey! We’re Emily & Chantal. We’re a unique pair, you’ll never find one without the other, and you would be hard pressed to find a more complimentary partnership. Here’s what you should know about us:

We strive to add value.

The word value means something different to each client, and the part we love most about what we do is figuring that out. We are always reflecting on what we could do to add that extra value, build the extra rapport, take the extra step. Whether we are creating an investment plan for future growth, a budget for getting out of debt, a step-by-step process to achieving home ownership – we want to be more than the transaction.

The rate, the length of term, the flexibility to pay down the mortgage quicker, or a product that has to be able to jump when you are – we will add value through our complete-life approach.

We genuinely like each other.

The reason we have thrived, grown, and become the unstoppable pair that we have is because we are invested in the success of one another, first.

Together, we fill all gaps & offer strengths in all areas. We work alongside each other on each transaction, each decision, each and every time. Our commitment to each other is felt by all of our amazing partners, and appreciated by all of our clients.




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