Nadia Mirabelli – Mortgage Agent

Nadia Mirabelli – Mortgage Agent

Nadia is a mortgage financing professional who takes pride in fostering positive client relationships. She provides a high level of service and personal attention to assist clients in making informed decisions regarding their purchases, renewals, debt consolidation, refinancing, and more.

Prior to becoming a Mortgage Agent, Nadia enjoyed more than 18 years as an advertising and corporate marketing communications professional. She has had the good fortune of using a mortgage professional since the purchase of her first home. As a result, Nadia understands the emotions associated with and the importance of receiving good counsel and guidance when trying to secure mortgage financing for home ownership.

Nadia lives in Vaughan and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family, including her husband and three daughters. She would, equally, welcome the opportunity to spend time with you in assisting to help make your home-ownership dreams and other financial goals come true.

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