John Panagakos – Mortgage Agent

John Panagakos – Mortgage Agent

John has been with SafeBridge Financial Group since 2010, he was previously with RBC where he began advising and catering to client’s needs since 1999. When he moved to SafeBridge he learned very quickly that being a Mortgage agent has numerous advantages at providing solutions for his clients. John has become a full service agent for his clients; he believes that rates are only the beginning to creating a long lasting partnership with his clients.


John has continued being a student of the industry; he continues researching and learning innovating ways to help his clients eliminate mortgage debt effectively. John’s passion is helping clients eliminate mortgage debt and has implemented this innovative system for his clients; ask John how he can help you eliminate over $60,000 worth of mortgage debt, create additional equity in your home and have financial freedom automatically.


John has a strong customer service background and partners with his client’s in order to fulfill the unique strategy that he creates for all his clients; he is determined to help client’s overcome rate increases without disturbing your daily cash flow.






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