George Faclaris – Mortgage Agent

George Faclaris – Mortgage Agent

George Faclaris joined Safebridge in 2009. He has been a Mortgage Agent since 2006 specializing in Commercial Mortgage and Business Financing and a Commercial Banker since 1998. He has over 15 years experience in the Canadian Chartered Banking and Financial Services Industry.

After completing his Masters of Arts degree in Economics he immediately joined Scotiabank where he attended and completed the Commercial Banker Development Program while managing a sizable Commercial loan portfolio consisting of Commercial Real Estate and Business loans. He then moved on to NBG Bank where he would eventually manage the Ontario flagship Branch. George is also an Economics Professor at Seneca College where he lectures on various economic subjects such as Micro & Macroeconomics, Money Banking and Finance, Monetary Economics, and Global Economic Issues.

From the onset of his career George had a passion for Commercial Financing and building strong and long term relationships with clients. He decided to specialize in this field, learn all the intricacies, and gain extensive knowledge and experience in this complex and challenging sector. His main objective is to use this knowledge and experience in Commercial financing and assist his clients in building wealth through Commercial Real Estate and Business investments by finding the best overall commercial products that meet their financing needs and objectives.

George is happily married to his wife Vicky and has two lovely children Gregory and Alexandra. You will find him most evenings in a hockey arena or a soccer field enjoying his other passion: watching his children play their favourite sports.





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