Chris Karram – Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Chris Karram – Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Chris is a Co-Founder and Financial Advisor at SafeBridge Financial Group, the originators of Mortgage Centered Financial Planning, and is passionate about serving his clients and empowering the incredible team to “Be Better. Be Inspiring.”

Prior to co-founding SafeBridge, Chris started his career as a Financial Advisor with Sun Life Financial, formerly Clarica Financial Services, and had the privilege of serving many clients financial needs for over a decade. He specializes in serving the Gen “X” Professional when it comes to the creative use of life insurance, managing their investment portfolios, and maximizing their cash flow and tax saving strategies.

Chris has the privilege of speaking at numerous events including, The Leadership Forum, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and the Sunlife Ontario Sales Congress. He has also been featured in many media publications such as the Investment Executive, the Toronto Star, and The Canadian Mortgage Professional.



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