Arlene Karram – Mortgage Agent

Arlene Karram – Mortgage Agent

Having worked in Software Sales industry for over 14 years, Arlene has built a strong reputation around her incredible work ethic, client relationships and exceptional sales skills. She recently joined the SafeBridge team as a Mortgage Agent bringing with her a vast knowledge of the mortgage credit process and numerous industry relationships.

An avid real estate investor herself, Arlene understands the intricacies of the mortgage industry and has experience with a wide variety of Mortgage products and services. Beyond the traditional Mortgage Service offerings, Arlene loves to focus on the 3Cs of real estate investment: Condos, Cottages and Construction Financing. Arlene strives to advise each of her clients with a specialised mortgage solution to ensure that each clients specific financial goals are being considered as part of their overall financial plan.

In her spare time Arlene enjoys spending time with her family at the cottage and volunteers with Homes4Hope Canada. Homes4Hope is a non-for-profit which raises funds to build homes for families with children with special needs, in the 50 Poorest Countries in the world.




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