Over the past 25 years, Apostolos’s keen sense of curiosity and his unwavering perseverance have garnered him success across multiple industries. His experience as a Restauranteur, Investment Banker and Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Developer, and Mortgage Broker has provided him with new insight, skills, hands-on knowledge, and expertise that he readily shares with his clients to ensure their success. Apostolos specializes in providing unique Mortgage and Financial Solutions for Realtors, Business Owners, Developers, and Investment Property Owners who are dedicated to expanding their Real Estate Portfolio. Apostolos graduated from University with a Double Major in Business Administration and Liberal Arts. Straight out of school at the age of 24, he opened the award-winning Flavour Dessert Café in Toronto. His business savvy and success caught the attention of CIBC Small Business. In 2003 he was recruited to manage their high-net-worth Commercial clients in the Forest Hill Toronto area, taking care of their finance and investment needs. Apostolos considers the 5-years he spent at CIBC one of the greatest learning experiences of his career. During his tenure, Apostolos mastered all aspects of Retail Bank Financing and Procedures, as well as gained years of practical experience in structuring large Residential and Commercial Loans. By managing the Financial Portfolios for the Founders & CEOs of many well-known Canadian companies, Apostolos gained invaluable insight across a range of diverse business industries. In the midst of the 2008 Housing Crash, Apostolos left CIBC to launch West Liberty Financial in King West, DT Toronto. The success of West Liberty Financial allowed him to explore Real Estate Development that focused on utilizing his creativity to build new homes, construct unique spaces, and repurpose Historical Buildings. His keen knowledge of finance allowed him to make his visions a reality and very profitable. Apostolos’ numerous business ventures over the years and professional expertise have earned him multiple awards and accolades, as well as garnered the attention of the Print and Online Media – he has been featured in News Articles, Magazines, and Radio Expose; as well as many TV Shows and News programs.

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