Adam Underwood – Mortgage Agent

Adam Underwood – Mortgage Agent

Adam has been with SafeBridge Financial Group since 2012. With a background of more than 10 years in food and beverage, Adam has an excellent work ethic and drive for success. His main focus is his clients, as he will go above and beyond to accommodate anyone with any specific situation. Adam is always keeping himself informed of the newest products in the industry, thus staying relevant and being able to help his clients secure the best available products available to them.

Adam prides himself and his business based on client care, to ensure complete satisfaction. He does this with an unbiased approach, and by paying close attention to detail, Adam can place his clients with the top financial institutions based on their respective needs and specifications. Adam makes it his duty to build not only a long-term business relationship, but to continue the relationship on a personal level for many years to come. Adam partners himself with clients to provide mortgage financing solutions, to minimize debt and to increase and protect your wealth. That is what makes dealing with a mortgage professional like myself so beneficial to you, the client.

Aside from the daily rush of the mortgage industry, Adam is married to his lovely wife Lianne, and enjoys playing golf, baseball and spending time at the cottage.


         Hi Adam,
I wanted to send you a massive thank you email for everything that you have done.
It had always been a dream of mine to have our family own our own business and the perfect opportunity arrived. I needed to raise additional funds in order to buy the business. I worked with my bank that I had been with for 10 years and there was nothing they could do, I escalated it right to the top and still nothing. I reached out to other lenders and they all said they stretched it as far as they could and couldn’t get me the funds I needed.
I was so disappointed and frustrated to see my dream opportunity come to an end… and then I called Adam. This was the first time I saw hope that it might be possible. He didn’t take no for an answer, he came up with a strategy for how to provide me the support I needed and most importantly, he made me feel like he truly was looking out for my best interest and would do anything possible to help. I have obtained and renewed several mortgages and the most frustrating thing is I always know that there is more that I could get, whether it is a better rate or more money, it just depends on who you talk to. This was the first time that I truly believed that I am in the right hands and whatever Adam could do, it would be the absolute best I could get.
Today I received the news from Adam that he was able to get me the full amount that I was looking for. Through all of Adams hard work and determination he made my families dreams come true, he really did change our lives and I cannot thank him enough. I will never deal with another bank or mortgage broker again, I know I have the best out there in Adam Underwood.
Thank you,
Jaye Johnston.





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